Askew Architecture for CFFC

Askew Architecture for CFFC

ocean yoga

From Cee:

“This week’s topic is Architecture.  What types of building appeal to you: Modern Art, Historical,  Colonial,  Gothic, European, Asian,  Commercial,  Industrial?  Take your pick. Any building that you like, for any reason, is appropriate for this week’s challenge.”

I love this building. Soon, if not already, it’s going to be gutted. It was my yoga studio for ten years. I say it was mine, but I didn’t own it. It was, however, my second home. This photo is from one of my last nights there. The photo is a bit askew because it matched my mood.

The yoga studio is becoming a realtor’s office. Such a waist of beautiful architecture.

Happiness is your first dance recital!

happinessHappiness is your first dance recital!

The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.

You could have cut the jubilant energy in this dressing room with a knife! These little girls and boys were beside themselves with excitement, giggles, and tons of pride as they experienced their first ever dance recital. And it was certainly contagious for all of their family and friends. We hooted and hollered together in the audience and as they tapped and tip-toed like pros! The celebration lasted long into the afternoon and all weekend with lunch, ice cream, flowers, and tons of hugs, kisses, and accolades. This mama was beaming with pride!

Congratulations, Emma! Dance on, my love.





ranger rick

Ranger Rick Rocks with the Whizpops!

Ranger Rick Rocks with the Whizpops!

ranger rick

How could you go wrong with a group called The Whizpops? Ranger Rick and his pals (both animal and human) offer up some really great songs about life in the wilderness. Swift Fox starts the CD with a catchy tune about how fast and sly he is. Walrus Song tells you why “everything’s better with a mustache”. And the Black Footed Ferret is cute as can be as he sings about his night time antics.

This is the first in a planned series of albums, created to support the conservation efforts of the National Wildlife Federation.

ranger rick

From Sugar Mountain PR:

The Whizpops! are a Parents’ Choice and Creative Child Award-winning band featuring two elementary school teachers (Kevin Cashman and Casey Schaefer) and a fluid assortment of other talented musicians with a love of nature and science (upright bassist Steve Kalling is a language arts professor; and drummer Daniel Kiely is a wealth manager, by day, for example). This talented bunch rocks venues large and small, delighting audiences of all ages. “Their lyrics are for young children, but their music will entertain most any adult,” the Missoulian notes.  Their three previous  science themed albums were The Adventures of Stretch McCoy (2012) andScience and Wonder (2013) and Sea Blue Sea (2014).  Visit for the latest updates on their music and performances.

Beach Bride

Beach Bride Banner

Beach Bride

Really Crafty Link Party #19

Bridal banner from Oh BaBee! Originals made for a friend of a friend last spring. I loved the color and theme choices. This was made with cloth doilies, card stock, beach/ocean embellishments, white rope, and adhesive lettering. I especially appreciate photos from the recipients as my handiwork hopefully blesses their lives with joy and good fortune.

Oh BaBee! Originals started when I was pregnant with my daughter and wanted to make something special for her nursery. Since then, I have made special gifts for brides, new moms, neighbors, friends, and charitable organizations . I enjoy the creative work and being part of such special occasions.

Beach Bride

beach bride

saddle up

Saddle Up with the Okee Dokee Brothers!

Saddle Up with the Okee Dokee Brothers!
saddle up

We received this CD/DVD a few days ago. Guess what my daughter won’t stop asking for? Even when we picked up Gappy (her gramma) at the airport, the Okee Dokee brothers were the first line of business. She adores these guys! I do too.

It’s not just their music that’s tons of fun. It’s their personalities. They are talented, funny, adventurous, and a little bit silly. Their DVD makes you want to jump on one of those horses, ride off into the sunset, and wake up the next morning in your tent for another day of adventuring! Check out the Okee Dokee Brothers and get yourself down on the range!

saddle up

saddle up saddle up


From Sugar Mountain PR:

Saddle Up!
A Western adventure album from The Okee Dokee Brothers
The duo’s third and final Adventure Album, out today, features a CD and DVD; an illustrated storybook will be published on Tuesday, and Netflix will stream the “Saddle Up” video beginning in June. Tour continues through August.


Saddle Up: A Western Adventure Album


Celebrate the “Good Old Times” the new music video debuting today (click on the image below to view):

Good Old Times with The Okee Dokee Brothers YouTube


Today, the Grammy Award winning duo of Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander trade their paddles (Can You Canoe?) for saddles, and their hiking boots (Through the Woods) for cowboy boots, with their third Adventure Album. By riding horses and writing songs for 30 days along the Continental Divide, they present another album to inspire families get outside and be creative: Saddle Up: A Western Adventure Album.

Featuring a diverse collective of musicians – John Sebastian (The Lovin’ Spoonful), Carlos Medina (Norteño accordion), Cindy Cashdollar (Asleep at the Wheel), Jim Campilongo (The Little Willies), and The Benally Family (Navajo style singing) – Saddle Up melds “musical styles ranging from cowboy folk to Mexicali folk to bluegrass” (No Depression) with stories inspired by exploration through five national parks and camping along the Continental Divide. The melodic tunes cover tales of western wildlife, Navajo stories, Southwest-style Spanglish, the issue of guns in western lore, friendship, and more.
On Tuesday, May 17th,The Okee Dokee Brothers will also publish their very first picture book  with music from all three of their Adventure Albums: Can You Canoe? And Other Adventure Songs (Sterling Publishing).
The full-length “Saddle Up” movie will stream on Netflix starting in June. More information is at .


Saddle Up! with The Okee Dokee Brothers on Tour
Okee Dokee Brothers and band live

Chances are, these dudes will be moseying right on into your town:


Sun., May 15 / Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center / Fayetteville, AR
Thurs., May 19 / WYO Theater at UNPLUG Fest / Sheridan, WY
Sat., May 21 / Fitzgerald Theater ‘Saddle Up’ Album Release Concert / St. Paul, MN
Sat., June 4 / Barnes and Noble In-Store / New York, NY
Wed., June 15 / McCallum Theatre / Palm Desert, CA
Thurs., June 16 / Heart and Soul Concert at Denver University / Denver, CO
Sat., June 18 / Barnes and Noble In-Store / Washington D.C.
Sat., June 18 / SiriusXM Campfire Sing Out / Washington D.C.
Sun., June 19 / AMP by Strathmore / North Bethesda, MD
Sat., July 2 / Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center / Spicer, MN
Sat., July 2 / Minnesota Zoo Overnight Camp Out / Apple Valley, MN
Fri., July 8-Sun., July 10 / Winnipeg Folk Fest / Winnipeg, MB
Sat., July 16 / RiverSong Music Fest / Hutchinson, MN
Sun., July 17 / Hennepin Church / Minneapolis, MN
Fri. and Sat., July 22-23 – Storybook Land – Aberdeen, SD
Sat. and Sun. Aug. 6 – 7 / Big Top Chautauqua / Bayfield, WI (opening for The Nitty GrittyDirt Band)
Fri., Aug. 4 – Meeker County Fair – Litchfield, MN
Sat., Aug. 13 / Richland Library / Columbia, SC
Sat., Aug. 20 / Georgetown Church of Christ / Georgetown, TX