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Behind the Scenes Book Scoop

Behind the Scenes Book Scoop…

Have you been wondering about my book? Did you think I gave up? Were you devastated about it? Well, fear not! Here is the scoop and it’s oh so exciting!

Cover Art

My publisher asked me the other day if I was a painter and I said no, but showed him my Oh BaBee! Originals portfolio and he was drawn to one of my pieces, my favorite piece as a matter of fact. He suggested that I create and photograph a new piece for the cover of my book. Interesting…never even thought of that! I’ll do it.

behind the scenes

Promo Video

We are in the very beginning stages of a promotional video using the lovely Amy Dix with High Rise Promotions as a consultant. She is a firecracker and knows all there is to know about promoting anything and everything. She’s also just so darn fun to be around!

Launch Party

Discussions are in the works for a launch party in a beautiful, relaxing, intimate location with special guests from a local, up and coming group of young artists and entrepreneurs! Did you notice the discretion? Yes! Don’t want to give too much away. We must keep you guessing.

behind the scenes



Ugh. The title. The most important part of the book. I’ve had a working title since October and have never really liked it. It’s time to get serious about this. Maybe, just maybe, the art work created for the cover will lead me to a title. Or the other way around. Or not. Ugh.


No matter what, my release date is 11/1/16. Follow me on this exciting journey for the next four months. It should be a good one. And thank you for being interested. That’s good too.



Healthy Feet with Vive

Healthy Feet with Vive…

Vive Health’s Foot Stretcher might just be the answer to many people who have foot problems like plantar fasciitis. After dancing for most of my life, I certainly know the pain and inconvenience of many foot injuries and strains. Until I started wearing the proper shoes, I lived with plantar fasciitis for many months. I wish I had known about the Foot Stretcher. There are also at least two friends of mine, a retired nurse and a runner, who would benefit from this product. It is easy to use, feels comfortable, and comes with clear instructions for two important exercises to stretch and strengthen the foot, hamstring, and calf.

Thank you to Vive Health for my complimentary Foot Stretcher in exchange for this review. You can purchase it on Amazon and on the Vive Health website for only $14.99.

Here’s to healthy feet!

healthy healthy healthy


More information from Vive:

The Vive foot stretcher is a versatile device designed to help alleviate foot pain and strengthen the plantar fasciia. This product enables you to stretch your foot with ease and comfort, and is supported by two rubber strip pads that prevent it from moving around during use. Fits most shoe sizes.


  • Rocker Design

    Maximizes the stretching motion to ensure an even stretch throughout the foot. 

  • heel lock

    Raised back allows for the heel to lock in place while stretching.

  • Angled Foot Plate

    Allows for a maximum stretch and ankle straightening capabilities.

  • Anti-Slip

    Bottom of the stretcher is lined with two non-slip rubber strips for stability.

    Universal Size


    One size fits all. Designed for both left and right foot


Sea, Sand, and Sunset for Wordless Wednesday

Sea, Sand, and Sunset for Wordless Wednesday


sea sea



Summer Solstice with my Mala Beads

Summer Solstice with my Mala Beads…

This week in yoga, I will celebrate the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon (this combination hasn’t happened in 70 years and will not happen again until 2094) with my new Mala Beads from Zeni Products. Why 108 beads?

  • The distance between the sun and the earth is equal to 108 suns.
  • The distance between the moon and the earth is equal to 108 moons.
  • There are 108 pressure points in the human body.
  • There were 108 volumes of wisdom written from the words of Buddha.

In some yoga classes around the world, they will do 108 Sun Salutations in a row! I’ll give my students a break on that. Maybe we’ll do 10…or 8…haven’t decided what mathematical trick I will use to bring the number down to a feasible amount. We practice gentle yoga, after all.

In any case, the beads will be with me providing the sun (active) and moon (passive) energy for our yoga practices. I often use this beautiful guided meditation from Yoga International:

“Close your eyes and imagine your mind as a still lake. A full moon rests at the point at the back of your head as in chandra bhavana, but now it shines a moonbeam onto the lake of your mind, which is then reflected out through the point between your eyebrows. Let this focused awareness shine from your calm, steady mind for a few rounds of breath.”

summer summer summer

Product Description from Zeni Products:

  • 108 8mm mala beads with a total circumference of 45 Inches.
    Hangs about 1 foot below the average neckline.
    Dark natural wood colored mala beads made from real Indian Agalwood.
    Perfect for yoga, meditation, mantras etc…
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee; If you are not completely satisfied with your mala bead necklace, simply return it for a full refund.

little mice

Three Little Mice Marched Merrily!

Three Little Mice Marched Merrily!

Say that three times fast!

little mice

Our car rides have become much more interesting now that we have Sing-along Animal Songs with us! She is obsessed with this book/cd combination. As a matter of fact, she chastised me the other day when I lost her place in the book and insisted that I find the page for Three Little Mice Marched Merrily, so she would be ready for it when we got back in the car. This is serious business for her! I love that she can follow along in the beautifully illustrated book and sing along with such fun animal songs. We also love Lullaby for My Sleepy Dog and Twelve Kittens.

Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for my complimentary CD/Book in exchange for my review. This precious collection comes out today (6/17) and is available on Amazon.

From Secret Mountain:

“We’re over the moon about recently achieving 15 years in publishing. So, we’ve decided to celebrate by releasing a title designed just for pet lovers! It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! Sing-along Animal Songs is the ultimate compilation of songs for your family pet. As a loyal family member and best friend, our pets finally deserve to get the homage they are due. So, we’ve compiled an outstanding collection of 10 favourite Secret Mountain songs performed by artists like Connie Kaldor, Jessica Vigneault, Emilie Clepper and Thomas Hellman (“I Know and Old Lady”) Al Simmons, and much more. Marie-Ève Tremblay lends her skills as an illustrator to this charming picture book-CD. Look for this title on June 17th!

The perfect choice for summer outings, picnics, get-togethers and road trips, this picture book-CD makes an excellent gift for the pet-lover in your life!”

little mice